Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Têtu: Eric Bivoino

Têtu: Eric Bivoino

From the admirable Emerald City in the west comes a attractive 25-year old Seattle native, archetypal Eric Bivoino...

Eric (sexy name btw mrgreen), afresh did an outstanding photoshoot for the French annual Têtu... I'm bold not that abounding humans actuality apprehend French so I'll translate/paraphrase a book or two from the caption:...

"...Born in Seattle the attractive 25-year old able amateur enjoys bicycling, surfing, snowboarding and Lacrosse, a accepted acquaintance action in the US. Eric aswell holds a actual able affection for rockclimbing. He loves the complete of a Suzuki GSX-R 1000, and he listens to harder rock, with his admired groups getting Killswitch Engage and Finntroll... and his admired cine is Fight Club (of advance cool)."

Although they did acknowledgment he's gorgeous, they forgot to add the 'drop-dead' part... So I'll say it, Eric Bivoino after a doubt, adorable gorgeous. The guy is baking and I can accept why he'd charge the shades cool...

Just Beautiful, Eric is currently active to Major Models, and these shots were taken by Têtu columnist Randall Mesdon.


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