Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Look alikes?

Look alikes?

Believe it or not, during my analysis into a assertive amateur starring in The Ruins, assumption who I abnormally ran into. None added than the actual aforementioned amateur articular in a previous post as a accessible applicant for my anonymous face.

I anticipate it's able-bodied accustomed by now that the anonymous face was in actuality amateur Jesse Metcalfe... however, I did acquisition it absorbing that the added amateur called (Rodridgo Guiaro Diaz) seems to buck a rather arresting affinity to Jesse. At atomic in agreement of facial features...
I anticipate putting the pictures ancillary by ancillary for a close-up allegory tends to drive the point further... The two are in actuality both gorgeous, but I'm apprehensive absolutely how far does this allegory go (looks-wise)? I'd never wish to accept to accept amid the two, so uh, I anticipate I'll leave it up to you guys wink...


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