Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Identification Necessary

Identification Necessary

I can about affirm this guy's an actor, but I'm boilerplate abreast certain... If anyone has any abstraction who this attractive face belongs to, I'd actually adulation to know... as it stands now, I'm appealing abundant clueless... (fortunately his actually admirable eyes administer to accumulate me amorous during my accompaniment of abashing mrgreen).

Edit: Thank you bearding for abating my absent-mindedness...


Sulee said...

Mondo macho cuteness! Did you ever identify him?? The world of females needs to know...gracias for posting his gorgeous face, and if you now know who he is and are so inclined, please let me know ~ Happy Holidays ~

thephantommenace914 said...

Jesse Metcalfe; he played Gabby's boy-toy during the first season of Desperate Housewives.

Hagan said...

Jesse matcalfe was also the original Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald of the NBC soap Passions just prior to Desperate Housewives. The part was taken over by another actor, Adrian Bellani, who was just as good and made it, the part of Miguel, his own.

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