Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind

Art by any added name is still art, and an artisan by any added name is still an artist... which is absolutely why I'd like to accede Kristopher Kelly as an artisan rather than artlessly a photographer. There's absolutely no added way to alarm his plan added than to alarm it for what it is... still-capture depictions of art.

Kristopher Kelly is a able awareness to the apple of photography. And apperception you I don't use the appellation 'gifted' lightly... but if an alone is built-in with a accustomed aptitude for affected acting, a able articulation for operatic singing, all-around accustomed acceptable looks, and a eye for acute the a lot of categorical aesthetic shots, the appellation 'gifted' about seems to be putting things mildly...
Add to that a brace abstruse computer programming skills, and active a photography bazaar while aswell accepting a day job managing an investment cyberbanking firm, and the appellation 'gifted' would absolutely calmly be replaced by 'genius'...

Kristopher was built-in and aloft in admirable southern California, and got his alpha in the apple of amphitheater at absolutely a adolescent age. His highschool acquaintance was accent by his apprenticed affection for the arts, a affection which eventually culminated as a astounding run as a adolescent boyhood diva in the mid 90s.
Pushing himself to added apprehend his dreams, Kristopher's success accustomed him to abide to accessible doors, ultimately accessory one of the a lot of admired theater art schools in the country.

Fast-forward to 2003, Kristopher begin himself alive as a Cruise-line accompanist during a chief year's division aperture from college. Being afforded the affluence of both alive on a cruise address and sailing to some of the a lot of attractive locales in the Caribbean accustomed Kristopher the befalling to acquirement his aboriginal powerful camera, and anon put it to acceptable use... and the blow is photography history...

...or so one would think... Kristopher has gone to abduction some of the a lot of attractive models and settings, creating what I alone accede actual artpieces. He happens to be one of the 5 admired photographers that I've mentioned before, and he's been featured absolutely a amount of times by several of my blogmates, including Beautiful Mag, Urban Pulp, and Trey Cruz. You can aswell analysis out his admirable plan on his own blog... the man is absolutely a one of a affectionate ability of the photography world.


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