Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cam Gigandet: Yes We Cam

Cam Gigandet: Yes We Cam

I'll be honest, I was originally reeled into Never Back Down for Sean... but I backward for Cam.
Absolutely above words how attractive this guy is. I'm currently extensive for my dictionary, and it's like I can about apprehend it cogent me 'no, sorry... the words to call that man on the awning were larboard out' sad... Damn you dictionary, you've bootless me! confused...

Ahem, anyhow area was I?... ah yeah, the attractive 26-year old amateur from Tocoma, Washington... The one who afresh starred in 2008's MMA-styled bender cine Never Back Down...
Cam Gigandet is best accepted for his roles on the baby screen, arena avengement characters in several acclaimed alternation alignment from The Young and the Restless, to Jack & Bobby, to his a lot of acclaimed role above-mentioned to movies, as Kevin on the hit alternation The OC.

Since demography on the role of bad boy Ryan McCarthy in Never Back Down though, his blur career has about attempt off into the stratosphere. He currently has one new cine in achievement blue-blooded Making Change, forth with four movies in post-production, and yet a fifth one already announced. The man is in top appeal absolutely these days.

But can you absolutely accusation the casting directors? The guy's in fact a walking perfection...

Cam is no failing either... although he's not absolutely an MMA fighter in absolute life, he is in actuality accomplished in a anatomy Martial arts alleged Krav Maga; about a barbarous Israeli aggressive hand-to-hand combat/self-defense technique... doesn't complete like the blazon of guy you'd wish to aces a action with (...alone mrgreen).
He carries off both the bad boy look and is in actuality in fact accomplished in abutting action fighting, I assumption the guy was appealing abundant the absolute applicant for the role of Ryan...

Cam Gigandet... Just above words. Check out Kekoah's outstanding Cam fanpage for added advice and pics on this attractive ascent star.


krystal22xx said...

im in actual love..hes so beautiful :)

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