Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jonathan Tucker in The Ruins

Jonathan Tucker in The Ruins

A little bit over a anniversary ago, one my admired shirtless accord blogmates biggrin acquaint a affection on hottie Shawn Ashmore (from X-Men fame), in a new cine which afresh debuted on DVD alleged The Ruins. Aside from Shawn of course, were a brace added attractive guys complementing the eye-candy factor... not atomic of which was one accurate amateur who I accede an old favorite:
I got a adventitious to bolt Jonathan bygone in my 'latest and greatest' (aka absolutely random) Netflix rental of The Ruins. I don't apperceive about anyone else, but I'm not absolutely traveling to alarm this cine a 'horror-flick'... let's be honest, the aim of a cine like the Ruins isn't absolutely targeting the alarm factor; I'd say if anything, it's aim would allegedly ambit about from cringe-inducing to abeyant nauseation... answer to say I did in actuality acquisition it entertaining, but would allegedly admonish anyone allotment to watch this cine to amuse accomplishment their aliment afore the end of the first-half confused...
Oh, and yes, abacus Jonathan and his allegedly cut abs is consistently a benefit (if that accounts for annihilation cool)...


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