Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Still Not Backing Down

Still Not Backing Down

So I assuredly got a adventitious to bolt Never Back Down recently, and wow... whoever the casting administrator was for this cine had a appealing batty eyes. Literally decrepit with eye-candy from alpha to finish. Cam Gigandet and Sean Faris are two of the a lot of attractive actors I've anytime appear across, and to see these two in the aforementioned cine is absolutely over the top beheld appeal.
Being that this cine does in actuality put visual aestheticism on par with the blow of the affair of the cine (i.e. the absolute fighting), I ample what bigger way to appearance off what the movie's about than to accommodate a blow or two mrgreen...
Gratuitous sexiness?... maybe. A all-important abeyance of disbelief?... probably. An over-abundance causeless testosterone mayhem... definitely. Wait a minute eek, this is starting to complete like some blog I've appointment every now and afresh confused...

In all calmness though, Never Back Down is a somewhat absorbing yield on the abundantly accepted apple of MMA... actual abundant with a abundant dosage of the Hollywood flash no doubt. I'm not abiding how continued these two would endure placed in a absolute MMA situation, but it's fun seeing one fastest ascent sports accepting some absorption on the big screen.
Aside from aggregate else, Sean and Cam were abundant casting decisions for this cine though, I awful approve mrgreen. You can analysis out added absurd abaft the scens photographs of Never Back Down over at JustJared... aswell analysis out SquareHippies for absurd in-movie screen shots.


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